Bug Lady Birthday Parties

Come and celebrate your child’s special day with the Bug Lady and her animal friends! The Bug Lady’s parties are so much fun for your guests…and they just might learn a thing or two!

“Bugs, Goo, & Animals Too!”

Birthday Parties

Upon arriving your guests will get to explore our critters from tarantulas to birds.  Several critters children will be able to handle.

After exploring your guests will be entertained with a 45-minute to an hour presentation (depending on the age group of the children in attendance) with 20+ animals and insects.

We then will do cake and drinks.  You can either bring your own or we have packages where we provide everything!

After treats your child will get to open up gifts.

Your party guests get to do a hands-on activity of making their own GOO! Everyone will get to take this crazy substance home. Forget the goody bags…GOO is way more fun!

To end the party with a buggy-bang your child will get to paint with Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches on an 8×10 canvas bound picture. This one of a kind art is ready to hang and sure to be the envy of all your guests!

Then you leave the clean-up to us!

PLEASE NOTE: All parties at The Bug Lady’s Science Academy include all tableware (forks, napkins, cups, plates, serving tools, lighter, and candles.) You may bring snacks, candy, vegetable trays, and fruit trays to your party. We’re sorry, but no pizza can be brought in.  If wanting pizza we will be happy make arrangements for you.  Please call for info on groups 50 or larger (up to 100 max.)

How to book a party….

Feel free to email us at bugs@bugladykansas.com to inquiry about dates.  Your email will be returned that day with what time slots and dates are available.  You may call if you prefer that method, but please be advised that with our schedule of going to school, evening classes, and weekend parties it may be several days before your call is returned.

Once dates are decided then all we need is the birthday child’s name/age, contact phone number, and what party package you want.  We will then email out a birthday confirmation with additional info needed for your invites.  There is a non-refundable deposit of $50 required to hold your spot (effective 8/29/16).  If needing to reschedule your party that deposit will hold the new date.  If you need to cancel your party we ask that you do it as soon as possible so we can try to rebook your slot.  Please note that if a cake has been ordered for your party you will be responsible for the baked goods.  Your deposit will not cover that cost.  We order cakes 72 hours prior to the party.

Classic Party Package up to 30 guests without Cake/Drinks ($225)

Classic Party Package up to 30 guests with Cake/Drinks ($265)

Deluxe Party Package up to 45 guests without Cake/Drinks ($275)

Deluxe Party Package up to 45 guests with Cake/Drinks ($325)

Please Note: All tableware is included.  A $5 charge for over guests.  All children/adults are counted 2 years old and up. Birthday child and immediate family are not in the final count.  If count is close to 15+ then you will be upgraded to the higher party package. 

Add Pizza To Any Party Package

Please note at booking or at least 24 hours prior if you would like to add this option.  We order all of our pizzas from Pizza Hut.  Each pizza is $15 dollars, which includes tax, tip, and charge for the additional tableware needed.   Fan favorites are hand tossed and one toppers like hamburger, peperoni, or cheese.  Please feel free to order what your personal favorites are.

Buggy Birthday Cake by Artistic Cakes...

Buggy Birthday Cake by Artistic Cakes…

Off-Site Party ($250)

This option includes a 1-hour presentation, goo, and your child painting with cockroaches.  Total time 1.5 hours.

Please  Note: tableware, drinks, cake/cupcakes, goody bags can be added for an additional fee.  $1 per person for over 25 children (for cost of extra bags of GOO).   Mileage fee may apply if outside of Wichita ($.55 per mile)

Buggy-Party Additions

Must advise additions when booking birthday party…

Party Favors   Goody bags with a buggy twist!  Give these wonderful buggy-additions to top off any special event! $3.50 per child

Bug Lady Birthday T-shirt   Make your child feel special with their very own “Bug Lady” shirt.  ($12 for children sizes)

Buggy-Birthday Book Bundle   Let us pick our favorite buggy-books to give to your child.  This book bundle will include our all time favorite age appropriate buggy-books.  Reading never goes out of style and this is a gift that will keep on giving!  Bundles range from $25 and up (must advise when booking).  Oh, and do not worry we will even take care of gift wrapping…

Buggy-Birthday Science Gifts   You get to pick our favorite buggy-gifts for your child.  This ranges from Butterfly Gardens, Ant Farms, to Ladybug Lands.  Several things to choose from that will sure to delight all our bug-friends!  Gifts range from $9.99 and up (must advise when booking).  And as always leave the gift wrapping to us…

Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, Beta Fish, or Hermit Crab Habitats (Critters Included)   For the ULTIMATE critter lover!   Package Includes: critter, habitat, starter food pack, and care sheet   Critter/Habitats range from $30 to $40

Party Schedules

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday Only one time slot available per weekday night   5-7 pm or 6-8 pm or 7-9 pm
Saturday   11:30-1:30 pm, 2-4 pm, 4:30-6:30 pm, or 7-9 pm
Sunday   11:30 am- 1:30 pm, 2-4 pm, or 4:30-6:30 pm

Please Note: Parties can be done during the day as well. Please call to check availability.  If reserving a party that requires baked goods please note that they will be ordered 72 hours prior to event. If cancellation occurs under 72 hours then a charge will be assessed to recover fees associated with the baked goods. Cancellation must be made 72 hours prior to the event to avoid this charge.