Below are testimonials from our face book page, Groupon customer feedback, and emails.

The Bug Lady is a very creative, energetic, and spontaneous person who shares her love of animals & insects with children.  Her presentation is very informative, hands-on, and enchanting for the children.  It was fun to see their faces light up when observing different animals & insects.

We love The Bug Lady!!!!

Ms. Brooke (Preschool Teacher, Educare Child Development Center in El Dorado, KS)

Jaydens birthday party was a huge success.  Thanks so much for hosting it!  I will recommend it to everyone I know (even though you don’t need my help)!  Have a Happy New Year!

Kristi H.

You made the Medicine Lodge newspaper, Bug Lady!

Our Medicine Lodge Grade School students LOVED your programs yesterday! You sneaked so many science facts in while you was letting us see and touch your hedgehog, tarantula, corn snake, cockroach, hairless rat, ferret, pet pig, therapy dog, and more! We laughed that your little pig LOVED our ramp in the library and wore himself out running up and down, so he had to take a nap over the noon break!! The kids love it ALL!! Staff too! Thanks, Bug Lady!!  You are GREAT!!

Barb K.

Library Director

Gracie said your presentation @ Maize South Elementary today was great!  And she is thrilled that you called her part of your Bug Lady Family!  Her friends are very jealous. 

Jodi T.